The France project is an independent podcast created and produced by Katia Grimmer-Laversanne. Each episode explores a different theme about France from all sorts of different perspectives, featuring interviews and stories about culture, lifestyle, places and people

In my years living in France I’ve travelled all over this country, visiting all sorts of interesting places and meeting all sorts of fascinating people. But there are always new places to explore, new people to meet, new food to taste and more wine to drink! In the France project, I want to explore all the reasons that France is so appealing to so many people. The culture. The places. The history. The food. And most importantly, I want to talk to the people who call France home, the people who are travelling through and the people who are dreaming about one day stepping foot in this country, and I want to share all of their stories with you.

Every episode is about 45 minutes long, and a new episode is published every two weeks.


about Katia

I’m an Australian girl married to a French guy, and I’ve been living in France since 2001. We live in a suburb of Paris, along with our tiny Burmese cat, Symphony.

I’ve been around on the internet for a long time and I’ve always found it an amazing playground. Way back in 1996, when long distance phone calls cost a small fortune, I got quite a scolding from my parents for dialling in to an online Scrabble forum several times a day to play my turn. When I moved to France in 2001 I started a blog, and from 2006 to the beginning of 2012 I co-hosted the Katia & Kyliemac podcast, an internet radio show looking at the humorous side of expat life in France. It was fantastic fun but ended when my co-host moved on to new adventures, but I decided that there was more I needed to explore about life in France. I realised that I really missed talking to people about their experiences and the things they’re passionate about, not to mention that I missed having a creative outlet, so… the France project was born…

I’ve always been a storyteller. But a good storyteller is a good listener too, and I love hearing other people’s stories. Tell me yours!


All content (text, photos, audio) is created and produced by Katia Grimmer-Laversanne unless otherwise stated.

Even more…

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