episode 5: romance

France is undoubtedly synonymous with love and romance. In episode five I investigate what it is that makes Paris so romantic, and why the French have a reputation of being a romantic people.

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In this episode I chat to three people who have an eye for romance, in three very different ways! In Part One I chat to Kim Petyt of Parisian Events, a wedding planner organising destination weddings in France. In Part Two I talk to Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, a photographer specialising in couples photography, and in the final part I chat to Heather Stimmler-Hall, author of Naughty Paris: a Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City and the Secrets of Paris website.

Part 1: I do

Kim Petyt in front of Molongo CaféWhat better way to find out why Paris is considered such a romantic city than to talk to a wedding planner? Someone whose job it is to help people celebrate love and romance!  I decided that I simply had to meet Kim Petyt of Parisian Events, a renowned wedding and event planner in Paris. She caters to both the expat community as well as to people coming to Paris from out of town to celebrate a wedding or special event.

Over sparkling jasmine iced tea, we chatted about why Paris is such a popular location for weddings, what people are looking for when they organise a wedding in France, and what Paris offers that other cities don’t. We discuss how she integrates that intangible “French touch” into the weddings she organises, she shares some of her favourite romantic locations for wedding celebrations and events, and we had a tiny chat about whether French men are romantic.

Where to find her: Website - Blog - Facebook - Twitter
Favourite romantic Parisian locations: Palais Royal, passages in the 9th, Île Saint-Louis, Canal Saint-Martin
Where we met: Malongo Café – 50 rue Saint-André-des-Arts, 75006

Part 2: the look of love

5-lindsey-3To get more of an insider perspective on couples and romance, I decided to chat to Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris. A lifestyle photographer who takes people on walking tours of Paris, during which time she also takes their professional portraits, Lindsey is an exquisite photographer and truly shines in couples photography, capturing romantic, unforgettable moments in Paris.

We met up at the cosy Comptoir du Commerce in the 2nd, where we talked about what draws people to Paris, and what kind of photos they’re looking for to encapsulate their romantic moments, as well as some of her favourite spots for romantic shots.

Where to find her: WebsiteBlog - FacebookTwitter
Extra stuff: surprise engagement blog post, early morning in Paris blog post
Favourite romantic Parisian locations: the love locks bridges, banks of the Seine, Palais Royal, the Louvre, Tuileries gardens
Where we met: Le Comptoir du Commerce – 1 rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002

Part 3: reputation for romance

Heather Stimmler-HallHow did Paris get the reputation for being a romantic city? Why do the French have a world-wide reputation for being a romantic people? And is this stereotype actually true? Who better to talk about this than Heather Stimmler-Hall, an expert in all things romantic, sexy and Paris. The author of Naughty Paris: a Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City as well as the Secrets of Paris website, I figured that Heather would have a good perspective on the subject.

So I headed over to the 13th arrondissement and we sipped tea in her little garret flat, with her adorable dogs begging for attention as we talked. We discussed the historical role of Paris and France in romance, the difference between dating, romance and love, especially in terms of French men. We talked about the things we can learn from the French, and she shared some of her favourite romantic things to do and places to go in Paris.

Where to find her: Websites (Naughty Paris: a Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City, Secrets of Paris and the Paris Pastry Guide) – FacebookTwitter
Favourite romantic things to do and see: stroll quiet streets without an agenda, 4 Seasons restaurant, museums at night, tiny museums like the Musée de la chasse et de la nature, sleep in, Disney, Portes Ouvertes de Belleville (read her full list over at David Lebovitz‘s website)
Where we met: her flat

Wrapping it all up

Do check out these two exquisite short films, which capture what romance in Paris is all about:

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