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7: inspiration (part 2)

In episode seven I tackle the second part of a series of episodes on inspiration, and continue to investigate how living in France can have an influence on one’s creative voice.

In part one I chat to Kasia Dietz, a handbag designer, and in part two I talk to Anne Ditmeyer, a freelance graphic designer and consultant. They both have an energy and enthusiasm for their life in France and have each carved out a niche for themselves in France, as highly creative designers but also as innovative entrepreneurs.


6: cheese

In France, cheese is so much more than just something to be eaten. In episode six I look at the importance of cheese in French culture, as a reflection of regional tradition, history of a people and the seasons.

In part one I get invited into the aging cellars of the MaĆ®tre Fromager (Cheese Master), Dominique Sellier of the Fromagerie Escudier. He explains how cheese is aged, and talks about the role of cheese in French culture as well as how it’s eaten. In the second part of the show I talk to Jennifer of Chez Loulou, an American woman who has undertaken the enormous challenge to taste as many different French cheeses as she possibly can. In the third part, you’ll hear a story of cheese appreciation, and how persistence can pay off.


5: romance

France is undoubtedly synonymous with love and romance. In episode five I investigate what it is that makes Paris so romantic, and why the French have a reputation of being a romantic people.

I chat to three people who have an eye for romance, in three very different ways: in Part One I chat to Kim Petyt of Parisian Events, a wedding planner organising destination weddings in France; in Part Two I talk to Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, a photographer specialising in couples photography; and in Part Three I chat to Heather Stimmler-Hall, author of Naughty Paris: a Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City and the Secrets of Paris website.


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