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7: inspiration (part 2)

In episode seven I tackle the second part of a series of episodes on inspiration, and continue to investigate how living in France can have an influence on one’s creative voice.

In part one I chat to Kasia Dietz, a handbag designer, and in part two I talk to Anne Ditmeyer, a freelance graphic designer and consultant. They both have an energy and enthusiasm for their life in France and have each carved out a niche for themselves in France, as highly creative designers but also as innovative entrepreneurs.


4: inspiration

In episode 4 it’s time to get inspired! I investigate how different people have found, discovered, rediscovered, or learned something about their creative voice whilst living in France, and how, sometimes, living in this country can hinder it too.
In the first part of the show I speak to Sarah Gardan, a portrait photographer who divides her time between Paris and Sydney. In the second part, I chat to Linda McCluskey, a painter and permanent resident of the artist aftersquat at 59 rue de Rivoli in Paris. And in part three, I talk to Sion Dayson, an American writer who moved to Paris, on, in her own words, “a romantic whim”.


a secret garden

a podcast
exploring the
je ne sais quoi
about life in France

a podcast exploring
the je ne sais quoi
about life in France

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by Katia Grimmer-Laversanne
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