Everyone who has been interviewed on the show:

  • Anne Ditmeyer
    Anne DitmeyerFeisty freelance graphic designer, consultant and blogger. [website] [episode 7]
  • Chris
    ChrisChris, the American diplomat. Makes a mean Manhattan.
    [episode 1]
  • Dominique Sellier
    Dominique Sellier, of the Fromagerie Escudier in Boulogne-BillancourtMaître Fromager (Cheese Master) of Fromagerie Escudier in Boulogne-Billancourt. Does an amazing brie aux figues.
    [website] [episode 6]
  • Heather Stimmler-Hall
    Heather Stimmler-HallAuthor of Naughty Paris: a Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City and the Secrets of Paris website, she has her finger on the pulse of the city of lights! [website] [episode 5]
  • Jaana
    Jaana (copyright Minttu Heimovala)Hails from Finland. Taller & more adorable than you could possibly imagine. [Twitter] [episode 1]
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer of Chez LoulouAlso known as Chez Loulou. Knows her way around a cheese platter and serves a mighty good baked Camembert.
    [website] [episode 6]
  • Kasia Dietz
    Kasia DietzTalented handbag designer from New York creating “wearable art”. [website] [episode 7]
  • Linda McCluskey
    Linda McCluskeyArtist and permanent resident of the artist aftersquat 59 Rivoli. Likes bubbles.
    [website] [episode 4]
  • Lindsey Kent
    5-lindsey-3A lifestyle photographer specialising in couples photography, over at Pictours Paris. Absolutely adorable.
    [website] [episode 5]
  • Lindsey Tramuta
    Lindsey TramutaThe dynamo behind Lost in Cheeseland: freelance writer, blogger and social media manager for a global beauty brand.
    [website] [episode 1]
  • Matoo
    3-matoo-3Parisian blogger and cinéphile extraordinaire!
    [website] [episode 3]
  • Michael Schuermann
    3-michael-2Author of Paris Movie Walks.
    [website] [episode 3]
  • PH de Baecque
    PHFrench actor, writer and intrepid cocktail-tasting adventurer.
    [website] [episode 3]
  • Sarah Gardan
    Sarah GardanA portrait photographer specialising in photo sessions with families, couples and children all around the world. Someone’s gotta do it!
    [website] [episode 4]
  • Sion Dayson
    Sion DaysonAmerican writer, of the blog paris imperfect. She has been published in the likes of The Wall Street Journal and easyJet magazine. She also likes to laugh. A lot.
    [website] [episode 4]
  • Sigmund Frog
    Sigmund FrogA very naughty Frenchman who likes to lead poor, sweet and innocent Australian girls astray.
    [twitter] [episode 2]
  • Steve
    SteveBaker of delicious things and willingly reminisces with me about A Country Practice.
    [twitter] [episode 1]
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