Meandering in Morocco

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Morocco has always held a special place in my imagination. Living in Paris we realized that a country that had always seemed so far away and exotic was only 2.5 hours away and a common vacation destination, and so had made it a priority to make it there during our second year.

Though there were many different cities and areas we were interested in exploring we decided that especially with the kids, we preferred to go to fewer places and have deeper experiences instead of getting a quick taste of many locations. We knew we wanted a medina experience and we knew we wanted some time in the desert. After researching different options and playing around with a bunch of itineraries we decided on 4 days/4 nights in Fes, and 1.5 days/2 nights in a camp in the Sahara (and 2 8-hour plus driving days getting to/from Fes and the desert). We also decided that given some of the expected stresses of this travel on the kids (this would be their 11th country, but their first time traveling outside of Europe), we would splurge a bit on this trip and upgrade our usual level of accommodations

All plans being set and bags packed, we put the kids to bed in their travel clothes and at 4 AM, we were up and off to airport for our trip to Fes!

Alex is NOT having it with the alarm.

Alex is NOT having it with the alarm.